Description: The culture surrounding beauty has been around since the ice age. We’ve come a long way since oyster shells, bones, sharpened flints were used for styling and cutting hair. This trend has caught fire recently with beauty influencers on social media platforms turning the industry into a lucrative domain.

A diploma in beauty can set you up for a rewarding career. The beauty industry is always looking for skilled and certified beauticians. At IICTN, our diploma courses can provide you with the certification and skills needed to make it big in the beauty and wellness industry.

Knowledge: Securing the diploma will require students to complete the entire duration of the course. The course will include professional learning spearheaded by experienced faculties. Furthermore, students will benefit from extensive hands-on practical studies along with theory and demonstrations.

Opportunities: Plenty of career options are open for those who possess a diploma in beauty. You can:

  • Open your own beauty and cosmetic business.
  • Become a professional beautician for resorts and hotels
  • Work as a professional in salons and parlors.
  • Become a beauty expert and help brands market their products.

Advice: We strongly advice against taking this course for the sake of a certificate. This is a skill-based course, and as such, a mere certificate will be of no value. We suggest completing the full duration of the course to attain the knowledge and skills needed to better serve your clients as skilled beauticians.

Workshop (IICTN)1day to 1 WeekStudents

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