Bridal Makeup

Description: Are you interested in mastering the valuable skill of bridal makeup? Well, then you’ve come to the right place. IICTN has the perfect course that will transform you into a superstar stylist for all wedding seasons to come. Our course is ideal for beginners as well as professional makeup artists who want to enhance their bridal makeup skills. The course will teach you how to create a truly flattering bridal look that will turn your clients into instant head-turners.

Knowledge: Students are required to complete the entire duration of the course to truly master the skill required to become an expert bridal makeup artist. Our course will include insightful theoretical lessons alongside hands-on practical sessions. You’ll learn about the basics of bridal makeup and gradually progress to more advanced lessons. Students will learn about the latest bridal makeup trends and master the skill of creating the perfect bridal look on clients. Students will also learn important safety and skincare tips to adhere to while doing makeup.

Opportunities: A plethora of career choices await those that possess a certificate in bridal makeup. You can:

  • Become a professional makeup artists and work for top brands, salons, and parlors across the country.
  • Go independent and become a freelance makeup artist.
  • You can start your own independent business.

Advice: Do not pursue the course only for the sake of certification or fast learning. A certificate alone will not prove fruitful for a course that is ultimately skill-based. We recommend at least completing 150 hours of training to attain the knowledge and skills needed to serve your clients best as a certified bridal makeup artists.

Workshop (IICTN)1day to 1 WeekStudents

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