Description: Do you aspire to be a professional make-up artist? If so, then IICTN’s diploma course in make-up is for you. Our carefully designed make-up course will forever open doors to the tempting world of glitz and glam for you. The diploma is ideal for aspiring make-up artists as well as professional beauticians who want to polish their finesse in a bid to conjure eye-popping, unique and gorgeous new looks for clients.

Knowledge: Students who want to pursue IICTN’s makeup course must complete the entire duration of the course. In that period, students will be acquainted with detailed theoretical lectures and hands-on practical classes spearheaded by experienced faculties. Students will learn the basics of make-up artistry, including the importance of hygiene and sanitation.

The course will equip students with in-depth knowledge about trending make-up techniques. Students will be thought to work with the latest products, equipment, and tools.

Opportunities: A diploma in makeup will open many doors for you.

  • You can explore job opportunities in the film and entertainment industry.
  • Secure high-paying jobs in top salons and parlors across the country.
  • Go independent and work as a freelance makeup artist
  • Start your own salon or parlor

Advice: Being a make-up artist is no child’s play. This is a skill-based course that requires your undivided attention. We suggest not rushing into the course for certification alone. Students must complete a minimum of 150 hours of training to attain proper knowledge and skills to master the art of makeup and build a long and lucrative career for themselves.

Workshop (IICTN)1day to 1 WeekStudents

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