Medi Spa

Description: IICTN’s course on International Spa aims to arm students with the skills and knowledge needed to secure high-paying jobs in Spas worldwide. This course carefully crafted by our experienced faculty member is designed to give students the most comprehensive lessons and training on Spa therapy. You don’t need prior beauty or Spa therapy knowledge to enroll into our course. This course is ideal for both novice students and professional Spa therapists who seek to enhance their skills.

Knowledge: Students pursuing this course are required to complete the entire duration of the course. They are required to participate in both theory and hands-on practical sessions to secure a certificate in International Spa therapy. The course will cover all areas of Spa therapy, thus allowing you to gain employment in the Spa industry across the globe.

Opportunities: There are plenty of career choices at your disposal after completing this course. You can become a Spa assistant, manager, director, therapist, beautician working for Spas, hotels, resorts, and the entertainment industry worldwide. You can also launch your independent business and earn huge profits instead of a fixed salary.

Advice: The International Spa market is highly competitive. As such, we recommend taking your course seriously and not pursuing it just for the sake of a certificate. Students must complete a minimum of 150 hours of training to attain proper knowledge and skills to build a long and lucrative career for themselves in the global Spa industry.

Workshop (IICTN)1day to 1 WeekStudents

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