Description: Naturopathy courses are quite popular recently, especially in countries like India. In Fact, diploma and degree courses in Naturopathy and Yogic science are all the rage among young aspirants who want to launch a successful career for themselves in the field.

If you seek to build a long and rewarding career for yourself in the department of Naturopathy, then look no further than the program offered by IICTN. Our course will teach you how to ideally use natural remedies to heal an ailing body.

Knowledge: Students will learn all the basic and fundamental aspects associated with the topic of Naturopathy. This involves theoretical lectures and practical hands-on sessions to learn about the different therapies, herbs, massage, exercises, and nutritional information that can be used to cleanse and repair a body with natural allopathic medicine.

Opportunities: Students who have completed a course in Naturopathy can work in healthcare institutes, hospitals, old age homes, personal clinics, etc. Certified Naturopathy specialists can also start their careers as Naturopathy physicians, occupational therapists, Yoga therapists, and nutritionists. You can also go completely independent and start your own Naturopathy health centers.

Advice: Naturopathy requires your undivided attention. As such, there is no point in pursuing the course for fast learning or certification alone. We recommend investing at least 150 hours in training to attain proper knowledge and skills that will help you build a strong and lucrative career in the field.

Workshop (IICTN)1day to 1 WeekStudents

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