Description: Panchakarma is a popular technique in Ayurveda that involves a purification process for the full body and mind system. Panchakarma therapies entails are usually customized for individuals after considering health conditions and constitutions that are unique to their bodies.
AT IICTN, we offer you the opportunity to master this very valuable skill with our intuitively crafted Panchakarma program. Our Panchakarma course is ideal for Ayurvedic students of all levels who want to study the profound philosophy and methodology associated with it.

Knowledge: The Panchakarma Course will involve both theoretical as well as hands-on practical lessons. Students will learn the philosophy, principles, and methods of implementation as dictated in Vedic literature. The intense focus will be on demonstrations where students will learn various techniques related to both Shamana and Shodana therapies. The students will be guided by experienced Ayurvedic faculties when carrying out the cleansing and detoxing procedures associated with Panchakarma.

Opportunities: A Panchakarma specialist can explore a plethora of career opportunities in the country. They can:

  • Seek job opportunities as Massage and body therapists, Ayurvedic wellness professionals, and estheticians.
  • You can open your own independent Panchakarma centers such as Spas, parlors, and wellness centers that offer these relaxing body therapy.

Advice: Panchakarma is a sophisticated practice and an integral part of Ayurveda. It is a therapy that requires intense hands-on practice and deep knowledge of diet and essential oils to master. So it will be in your best interest to not rush into this program. Do not pursue the degree for a certification alone. Instead, we recommend at least completing a minimum 150 hours of training to attain the knowledge and skill needed to become a proper Panchakarma specialist.

Workshop (IICTN)1day to 1 WeekStudents

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