Description: Enroll into IICTN’s intuitively crafted Yoga training program that arms you with the skills and insight needed to teach Yogic techniques to adults and children. The program is ideal for beginners who want to simply learn how to perform yoga and professionals who want to take up Yoga as a potential career option. The course will not only acquaint you with a plethora of yogic techniques but impart you with imperative knowledge pertaining to the field.

Knowledge: The course will contain theoretical lectures, hands-on practical sessions, and demonstrations spearheaded by experienced Yoga experts. Students will learn about the history of yoga and how to perform various asanas, kriyas, and pranayamas. The course will also cover topics related to anatomy, physiology, yoga hygiene, and diet.

Opportunities: There is no shortage of job opportunities for those who want to pursue a career in Yoga. You can explore job opportunities as a Yoga teacher in schools, resorts, retreat centers, wellness, and rehabilitation centers. You can also start a career as a freelance yoga expert. Moreover, you can start your own yoga center and training classes.

Advice: Do not pursue the course only for the sake of certification or fast learning. A certificate alone will not prove fruitful for a subject that is as profound as Yoga. We recommend at least completing 150 hours of training to attain the knowledge and skills needed to serve your clients best as a certified Yoga trainer or specialist.

Workshop (IICTN)1day to 1 WeekStudents

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